Damages caused by the Roofing Process

Yes, it is possible, but avoidable with the following precautions.

During roof tear off and installation, there will be lots of movement and vibration on top of your roof.

We ask that you securely tighten all light bulbs or light fixtures, remove picture frames or other fragile items that could fall. Old paint at drywall joints or interior molding / trims may crack due to vibration.

If your home is open beam, fine dust will fall through the planks of the open beam. We recommend laying plastic sheeting throughout these open beam areas. Upon request, we can provide you with plastic sheeting and are also able to help with laying this out at the time of your roofing project, and we will be happy to dispose of it when we leave. 

Kapili Roofing & Painting will do our best to minimize risk of damages caused by vibration, however cannot be held liable for items that break due to vibration inside of your home.

We ask that you take proper precaution to secure these items prior to start. Our team would be glad to assist on the day of your project start, if there is anything you need help securing. If we are able to help, we will do so.