Do I need to be home during my roof installation?

You do not need to be home, unless it is something that you prefer.

During a roof installation it can be very noisy. Many homeowners prefer to leave their home to run errands or make plans while the crew is working.

Other times a homeowner may want to be home to meet and enjoy watching the crew work from a distance, but this is entirely their choice.

It is not necessary to be home during your project, and we always recommend that homeowners do not take off of work or take vacation days for their roofing project.

The reason is that the weather is very unpredictable, and much of our work is dictated on sunny weather. This could result in a change in schedule date which would potentially waste your day off from work. 

As long as you can be available by phone, our production manager can reach out should anything that needs your attention or decision come up.