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How might Covid-19 affect my install date?

The island has experienced several COVID surges since the start of the pandemic. This can create inconsistency in staff attendance which may cause delays to production at times. Health and safety is our number one priority.

Since the start of the pandemic, many things have changed to the way that business and society operates. 

We have experienced several surges on the islands which has created inconsistency in staff attendance. Not only have we experienced periods of staff shortages, but our supply chains have as well. The companies and individuals that manufacture and deliver our materials are integral to keeping production consistent and your project on track. 

If there is ever lapse of communication or delay on our part, please reach out to our shared group inbox at customerservice@kapiliconstruction.com and we will be glad to assist you. 

We take all the proper measures to ensure the health of safety of our employees, and clientele. However, sometimes this means requiring staff quarantine. 

If something like this occurs, we will take the proper measures to handle the situation most effectively and efficiently but do apologize for any delays that may occur.