How often should I have my solar panels cleaned?

This varies highly based on location! Our exterior cleaning division can make recommendations on frequency depending on where you are located.

Hawaii's moist and sunny climate is a perfect breeding ground for biological growth to thrive on your roof and more especially solar panels. 

Most roofing products that are installed today have some sort of mildew/algae resistance. However, with solar panels... these do not have the same level of resistance. 

When algae begins to grow on your roof top P.V or solar hot water panels, the solar cells can become shaded and begin to produce or collect more energy. 

An easy way to tell if your panels require maintenance, is to log into your monitoring and take a quick look to confirm that all your panels are producing. 

Here at Kapili, we regularly monitor your P.V. system to see if any maintenance might be required for your PV system if it is under our care. 

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