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Long Lead Items

There are several variables that have the potential to delay your project. This is dependent on the time of year, type of material, and other market conditions.

Our Vice President, Brandon Silva, was one of the management leads at the fastest growing distributorship in Hawaii prior to him coming back to work with the Kapili Team.

He has spent time working at multiple roofing distribution companies over the years.

We have great relationships with the local distributors, and work to provide you with as quick and efficient of a service as possible.


Here is a brief explanation of the possible causes that we could experience delays in receiving your materials: 


There are some items that are not typically stocked in large quantities, or at all by our local Hawaii distributors. In the event that your project requires a material of this type, we request the material from them, and they will need to freight it over from their mainland branches. 

A purchase order must be submitted to the distributor, they then need to source the materials either within their network of branch locations, or source it from a third party. 

From there, it must be delivered to one of the docks that sails to Hawaii. 

This can take some time, but we do our best to submit our purchase orders daily, and work to get ETAs on a regular basis from our distribution partners. 

Communication Delays

Delays can be caused in the supply chain due to the messages being passed through multiple hands. Our team purchases our materials daily. However, when the purchase order is sent out, it must then be processed by multiple parties parties after that point. 

A purchase order is received by our account manager at the distribution house. They must confirm if it is, or is not in stock. 

If it is not in stock, but on order, they must confirm an ETA with their shipping partners. 

If it has not yet been ordered, they must not only confirm an ETA, but also the availability from manufacturer for the material order. 

Depending on the manufacturers capacity and raw material availability, there may sometimes be times where materials are only being manufactured periodically, as we have more recently seen in recent years. 

Any lag in this supply chain may cause delays to your project, but it is our goal secure your materials as quickly as possible once they have been selected by you! 


Custom Order

Sometimes there are items such as custom skylights, or other items that may require a manufacturer to make an item specifically for your job. This takes time, as there is usually a backlog from the manufacturer to process these items. 

When the purchase order is sent out to our distributor, it must pass through multiple chains of custody before it is received by the manufacturer. 

The manufacturer then has a backlog of work, and must create the item. From there it needs to be loaded and transported to Hawaii, most times via boat.  

There are sometimes delays of up to 10-12 weeks on these types of items.

However, great things take time, and every company and customer has to overcome these challenges. We are well equipped to handle it better and we take care of it all for you! All we need from you is patience. 


Out of Stock

Our materials are purchased within the same or following business day that your color is selected. From there it is received from the distribution company, and they will confirm and reserve your materials at the supply house. 

If for any reason it is out of stock, we reach out to all distributors on island to check the availability. 

If the item is out of stock, we find out where the soonest ETA would be and work to secure your material that way. 

Most times it does not cause a delay to your project much beyond your anticipated schedule date as we are usually booked out for 80-120 days. 

However, there is the off chance that there is delay in distribution not receiving the next material shipment in time for your project. In this case there could be a delay. 

We do our best to keep you informed, and we do a pre-check of material by the production team every week before starting the following week's projects. 


Discontinued / Partially Discontinued

What we have seen as of late (2020-present) is that many shingle manufacturers are partially discontinuing materials and are pausing production of certain colors and cuts of shingles. 

We have also seen the lack of availability on some coating, membrane and insulation products. 

This is typically due to the lack of raw material used to manufacturer your roofing product. 

In the event that this occurs, we do our best to help you find a suitable alternate product that meets or exceeds the original materials quality and performance. 

At the end of the day, we want you to have a product on your home that meets or exceeds your expectations!