Will my job site be kept clean?

This is our promise to you! Just about everything we do will generate dust and debris. Every effort will be made to curtail, but 100% elimination is impossible.

For jobs lasting longer than a day:

It is our intention to leave your job in a “broom clean” condition at the end of each day, unless otherwise discussed with you ahead of time. This is 

Trash Disposal:

We will either set a dumpster, or bring a dump truck for trash disposal. In the event that your home does not allow for roof-side disposal, we may need to designate an area for a rubbish pile to bring debris to the ground for hauling.

A suitable location for trash, and a dump truck / dumpster bin should be established at time of your roofing estimate.


Our crews will be bringing plastic with them to cover parts of the exterior of your home and landscaping to ease in post job cleanup. This helps us get everything into clean piles so we can get your home tidy as fast as possible. 

Job Materials:

We will be taking all of our job materials and packaging with us after job them and disposing of them with the rest of the jobsite debris.