Safety for Children & the Elderly

Our top priority is a safe job site.

A construction site could pose a number of dangers to children or elderly individuals from both up on the roof top and on the ground surrounding the home’s perimeter.

We ask that these individuals not be allowed on the construction site, especially during work hours.

If they must be on site, we ask that they stay supervised and in-doors for their safety and well-being.

If for any reason, your elderly family member or child must exit the home, please notify the foreman so that he can ensure that all overhead hazards have been abated and that all work is suspended until your family members have safely left the premises. 

Safety is of upmost importance here at Kapili, and we want to be sure that everyone on site, including your family is SAFE! 

Safety is everyone's responsibility, and it is a team effort. 

We will work with you to do what we can to ensure safety, but need your help in the event that access to and from your home is needed during the project.