Whatʻs the difference between HECOʻs CGS+ and CSS programs? - solar tech

The primary difference between CGS+ and CSS is what happens with the solar energy that is produced.

 With CGS+, you may receive a small credit (currently $0.10/kWh) for power that your solar system produces and is not consumed by your household.

With CSS, there is NO ability to ‘feedback’ any power to the grid. 

We recommend you do your due diligence and reference some helpful HECO articles here: 

Customer Grid Supply Plus - HECO


Customer Self Supply - HECO

Depending on what HECO program you are in, it may affect your payback period and your overall ROI.
However it does not change the fact that you save some money on your electric bill! 
It is merely a matter, to what extent do you save money.