What about my Solar Panels?

This is a critical installation milestone, and we want to make sure you know what your responsibilities are, as well as ours!

Kapili Roofing & Painting can assist in the coordination of your solar removal and re-installation if you are currently working with a solar contractor. We also work with a preferred solar contractor to perform this type of work, and it is typically the best route to go when replacing your roof with us.

Most times a solar system will be taken down for one to two weeks. Scheduling delays or conflicts may extend this time-frame slightly. We do our very best to minimize the down time on your system, and thank you for your understanding and patience should we run into any sort of delay.

Often times a solar system is not maintained until it is removed for roof replacement. Because of this, it is usually a good time to discuss with our solar contractor what areas if any, may need attention.

During time of panel re-installation, you may request upgrades such as adding additional panels, upgrading your inverters, replacing panels, or manufacturer warranty claims.

Kapili Roofing & Painting and it’s subcontractors cannot be held liable for solar panels, inverters or other solar system components that have pre-existing issues. We ask that any additional solar work you choose to have done be performed direct with our solar contractor.