What Factors Go Into Sizing the Right PV System for Me?

Your goals for owning solar is the main consideration. If the goal is maximum offset, then there are variables that we consider!

Not every homeowner wants to offset 100% of their electric bill, and that's ok. 
Sometimes a homeowner may just want to off-set some of their electric bill.
Whether your goal is some or all of your solar, each individual project must be looked at and the best recommendations can be determined from there! 
There are many considerations.... 
First, we need to look at your historical energy consumption. If you have a HECO bill handy, this will provide us an "average" of what you are currently using. The metric for energy consumption for your household is typically a "kWh" or Kilowatt Hour. 
Next, we must look at if you anticipate any changes to your consumption and gauge what increase or decrease we should be planning for. 
From there we look at "how much sun" your home gets. This varies on your homes specific location. We measure this in solar radiation, which is measured in calories/cm^2/day. 
Some areas of the island get a lot more sun than others. Ewa Beach and Waianae may get a lot more sun than areas like Kaneohe or Kahaluu. 
This determines how many kWh can be produced by each panel per day. 

A 3D model of your home is then created that takes into account the shading of say, your neighbors homes, trees in the area, or the different amounts of sun exposure on each face and story of your home. 

With this 3D model, we determine where the most efficient locations of your panel installation might be. 

Each solar PV panel is manufactured with different specifications. The higher the panels watts, the more kWh that can be produced per day! 

When all of these considerations have been taken into account, we can make our recommendations to you as to what you maybe looking for with your solar project. 

Our team is here to help you achieve your goals for your solar project, and make it easy and affordable along the way.