What happens if there is bad weather in the middle of my project?

The foreman on site assesses the existing weather conditions, and weighs out the risk of proceeding with work. In the event of bad weather, the roof must be "dried in" immediately!

Our foreman are seasoned roofers and understand the importance that weather plays on successfully performing a roofing project. 

They assess the weather, and communicate with our production manager who watches the weather radars through out the day. 

At the end of each day, the roof is required to be left water tight in the event that rainfall occurs overnight. 

In times where more severe weather is expected, we take extra precautions to "dry in" for a more extended period. 

With the unpredictability of Hawaii weather, sometimes rainfall happens abruptly. If there is rain during tear off of the old roof, the crew will begin to move all debris out of the way as quickly as possible and begin to "dry in" to water proof your home. 

Our team has contingency plans in place, and we regularly watch weather to minimize risks that rain damages your home.