Why is there left over materials once my project is finished and what happens to them?

Materials in excess of what was estimated on your proposal are ordered to site for every project to account for handling, damages and estimation error.

A small quantity of additional material is ordered for every project. Whenever materials are manufactured, transported and handled there is a small chance of damage or defect occurring. 

Things do get damaged, but we want to make sure that we have enough material to finish your project with the quality we both expect. 

Your project materials are likely to have been transported from a manufacturing plant on the West Coast, to one of the LA or Seattle Ports loaded into a container, unloaded here in Hawaii and transferred to a base yard.

There is a lot of handling that occurs, well before the material even makes it onto a delivery truck! 

We always want an excess of material on site for our crew to work with, and never want them to utilize a questionable piece of material that's may not produce you the BEST RESULTS! 

Because of this, our purchaser orders additional quantities of about 10% for each project, but sometimes a little more depending on the type of material, to minimize the chance of our crew needing to standby or leave your project once it is started to pick up more materials. 

Whatever material is leftover gets returned to the distributor for use on the next project. 

Kapili incurs a re-stocking fee for leftover materials, and it is a cost that we incur on our part to ensure an efficient production process while working on your home/building. 

Materials are not credited back for excess material purchased. 

The price agreed on with you is a fixed lump sum price proposal for a completed project and not a quantity of material. 

Your project is not a "time and material" (T&M) quote. 

We do not charge you an additional cost for running short on material on your base scope of work, and do not credit back for additional material leftover upon completion. 

*Change orders are charged at T&M and leftover materials related to this are accounted for on your final billing.