What kinds of things may change the price of my roof installation/project?

Not all roofs are built the same! There are a number of variables that affect roof pricing.

The first, most obvious would be the size of your roof! 

Once size has been taken into consideration, the unique site and roof conditions of your home are taken into account.

Things such as number of layers, the access, and number of facets and flashings that might be required will affect the time and materials that are needed to do a good job on your home. 

In addition, type of material and warranty that is being provided will also affect the cost. 

There are many ways to "cut corners" on your roofing project, and we recommend understanding what materials and scopes of work are being included on your project.


Your Dedicated Customer Success Manager can help explain and walk you through your roofing proposal so that you are able to compare it to other estimates.