When will my roofing crew arrive?

This depends on the type of work being performed.

Steep Slope Crew

Steep slope crews typically arrive bright and early around 7-8am to start up your project.

There are rare instances when they maybe scheduled to arrive slightly later, if morning rain is expected. 

Once the project starts, the crew typically works until 4-5pm. Sometimes work must run a little later, to make sure that your roof is water tight over night. 

Coating Crew

Our coating crews must typically work on 2 to 3 jobs at any given point. 

Due to the nature of coating work, a full day is not feasible on a single job site most times. 

The project starts with pressure washing, which we schedule in the mornings while other types of coating work cannot be performed. 

From there, we begin our prep and application.

This type of work is scheduled later in the day when there is little to no moisture on the roof from morning dew. 

Our foreman/production manager will update you on when they will be arriving, as it varies on where we are at on the progress of your home! 

Repair Crew

Much like a coating crew, the repair crew has multiple stops through out the day. They typically visit 2-3 homes depending on the size of the repair. 

Where your project is scheduled in line depends on where your home is in proximity to our shop, and the nature of the work that must be performed.

Our production team will provide a 2-3 hour window that you can expect the crew, and if there are delays experienced we do our best to keep you posted.