Why does Kapili ask for my E-mail address?

Hawaii Residents are well known for being very protective of their e-mail addresses. This is okay, but there are some common problems that can occur if we do not have your email.

We do not abuse the privilege of getting your personal information, ever! 

When interacting with Kapili Roofing you will likely be asked to give us your e-mail address. We make every attempt to get this on the initial call. This is because our systems use email to create a unique profile for you in our system. Names are often similar or even the same in Hawaii. There is only so many James Lee's we can add to our computers before things start to get confusing. 


We never want to upset a customer by confusing one contact, customer or home owner for another! We use e-mail addresses to identify you uniquely in our system. 

During the process of bringing you in as a customer you will get an appointment with one of our field techs. This will result in us sending you an email to confirm the appointment and keep you up to date with our arrival times. 

That same email from our customer management software is sent to our estimating software and our photo documentation tools. We like to share with our customers our findings while we are on your roof.  We e-mail you a copy of our inspection, a report of our photographed findings, as well as we e-mail you the proposal for the work we have estimated to be completed on your project. 

Should you accept the proposal you will be e-mailed a copy for your records. This makes sure that we both have a copy of the original - agreed upon - scope of work. We could drive the printed documents out to you but it cannot be denied that this is a waste of time, gas, vehicle use, and paper when e-mail is convenient, easy and free! 

You also receive notifications and status updates regarding the home owner association letters, solar removal and install dates, as well as material load dates and the tentative install dates as well as any weather delay notifications. We assume that these e-mails are full of important information that will be beneficial for you to be aware of. If you do not give us your email we might think you have received the information and make decisions accordingly. 


Without your e-mail address you will likely miss out on important updates related to your project! We never want to leave you in the dark or let you down! 


We also send you confirmation of payment and warranty documents by email on completion of the job being completed and paid for. This is important for your records and save you thousands of dollars. 


Keeping good records is part of best practices for responsible home ownership!


According to our privacy agreement we can delete your email at your request at any time following the job to prevent your personal information from being at risk. This is a standard policy and can be performed by anyone on our admin team immediately. So never hesitate to ask. 

We also do not spam your email address. If you received and e-mail once a month from us, that would be considered a lot of outbound contact from us. However by e-mailing us we can look up your profile and provide you with better service. We are not like many other purchases that you might make in your lifetime. We do not have an incentive to bombard your inbox with lots of unwanted mail. We do not have that many things to sell after all. We only do roofing, solar, painting and property maintenance. Therefore we have nothing to gain by sending you constant emails. 


We have nothing to gain by continually sending you unwanted, solicited emails. We only want to give you the best experience and attention during the shopping process, and give you the ability to reach us at any time!