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Why does my project start date keep getting pushed back?

Roofing is highly dependable on favorable weather conditions.

When your job file has been completed and turned over to production, a lot of things begin to happen in the back ground: 

  • Materials are ordered, and confirmed with our distributors.
  • Proper association approvals are gathered
  • A tentative date is then forecasted.

All the while, we are taking care of the customers ahead in line of you.

As inclement weather or unforeseen conditions come up on their homes, their project may become delayed in needing to perform additional work, or our crews may rain out. 

When these types of things happen, the entire crew's schedule moves back a day. 


What may cause additional delay is if your project requires a "senior crew" or "specialty crew". 

If this is the case, where your job is assigned to one of these crews, we have more volatility with your schedule dates, but feel your project is best handled by a specific crew. 

All of our crews are trained for the systems that they are tasked to install. However, there are designations amongst some of our crews for specialty systems that may require added wait time. 

At the end of the day, delays to project start dates can be a pain... but we want to make sure that your job is done well, and it lasts for years to come! That is why you hired us. 

We appreciate you taking the time to read this article, and all of your patience and understanding.