Will My Solar Panels Lose Efficiency?

All panels lose a slight amount of efficiency over time. With any piece of technology, it will eventually come to an end.

There are many solar panel manufacturers out there. 

Each come with various warranty terms and coverages. 

The REC Alpha Pure Black REC 400AA panels that we offer come with a 25 year warranty! 

REC - Official Website

They are a great long-term panel at an affordable cost and why they are our "go to" for the traditional "rack-mounted" option. 

For our roof-integrated options, we recommend the following: 

GAF DecoTech

GAF Timberline Solar

In a perfect world, solar would last forever! 

However as with anything, it comes to an end. 

The product you select today, is likely to provide your money back many times over, prior to it expiring.