Will there be a dump truck or a dumpster can at my job?

This would be depending on the type and amount of material to be disposed. Typically for smaller projects, a dump truck can be used and for slightly larger projects a can is more efficient.

Whenever a roof demo / tear off is being performed, it is required for us to properly dispose of the material in a landfill. 

When estimating your project, we take into consideration the amount and type of material to be disposed to give you the most efficient cost solution. 

On projects such as wood shakes, and tile or larger shingle projects a dumpster can is likely to be used. 

On low slope or shingle projects a dump truck is more likely to be used. 

There are other factors such as driveway length, home location and other specifics that may affect the method of disposal, however if for any reason one is preferred over the other, it can be discussed during your estimate to properly reflect this consideration.