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How Do I Prepare for My Painting Project?

Relocate small items, secure loose items around your walls, leave the driveway open and ensure proper water access. Be available for a quick preliminary, and final walk through!

How Do I Prepare for my Roofing Project?

Relocating items surrounding your home, securing loose items in the interior, and leaving your driveway clear are the main things!

Whether you have a tear off, or coating project coming up... there are a few key items that you will need to be sure of, before we start up your project! 

Here's what we recommend, in order for you to have the best experience: 

  • Relocate small items surrounding your home such as potted plants, figurines, or other small items.
  • Leave the driveway open to prevent falling debris or wind driven coating splatter from damaging your vehicles. 
  • Secure loose items such as light fixtures, wall-mounted items, or anything else that may come loose.

There will be people walking and working on your roof to access upper areas of the exterior walls, and vibration will occur to the structural members of your home. This is standard and a part of normal construction. 

  • Secure your pets and keep them in doors if at all possible. If your pet is let out daily, please be sure to let your production manager know, so that we can properly secure your yard space daily. 
  • Clean up pet poop, so that drop clothes can be set our securely and safely. 

Team Kapili loves pets and know that they are an extension of your family, we want them to be SAFE! 

  • Arrival Times:
    Arrival time is between 7-9am depending on traffic. They may also make quick stops at the supply houses to pick up any last minute items they need before arriving. 
  • Material will normally be picked up day of start. 
    • Any changes to color must be submitted to customerservice@kapiliconstruction.com so that we can be sure to properly document your request. 
  • Painting is multi-phased, and do not allow for full work days on some phases of your project such as the initial washing. This means that they may arrive later or earlier in the day, and work on another location for the difference of that day. 
  • Communication while construction is in progress is important. We do ask that you be available by phone call or text message whether you are home or not so that we can get in touch with you if necessary.
  • You do not need to be home during the entire painting project, but we ask that you are present on start day to perform the preliminary walk through, and the final day of our work for a final walk through with our foreman. 
  • Keep Children and Kupuna Indoors during construction. Your home will become an active construction site, which means there may be overhead and trip hazards. 

If you have any other questions particular to your project, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, and they can help guide you through any questions you might have! 

You can email us at customerservice@kapiliconstruction.com

We look forward to doing a great job for you, and will see you soon!