How much time do I have to sign my proposal?

With the fluctuation of roofing material prices, most proposals are good for 30 days. If your proposal has expired, please check with your CSM for any potential material cost escalations.

Our proposals are good for 30 days from the time of issuing them. 

In the current economic environment, there has been volatility in the supply chains and inconsistency in materials that are available on island. 

This means that costs increase a lot more frequently than they have in the past. 

Metal Roof pricing changes weekly from our manufacturers. 

In prior years, we would see increases maybe 1-2 times per year... today, we see cost increases sometimes several times per quarter! 

Because of the uncertainty in material pricing, we limit our proposals to being valid for 30 days. 

If for any reason your quote expires before you have the chance to accept, your Customer Success Manager can get your quote updated and work with you on an updated quote. 


If you have a color picked out that you would like, sometimes this may help you in securing better pricing.

In times of market volatility... many colors are experiencing shortages.  

If the material is stocked, it can be a little cheaper than needing to wait until the next shipment or needing to source it out of state.