What should I expect in terms of site safety during my project?

- Safety is Essential for Successful Construction -

The Crew:
Upon arrival, the crew's first task is to set up their safety equipment. This involves securing ladders, attaching anchor points for their harnesses, and ensuring that everyone is properly equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)👷.


You and Your Family:
For the safety of you and your family, including your pets🐶🐱, keep them indoors during the construction process.

Please be aware that during the working day, your home is an active construction site🚧

To safeguard your property, please ensure your driveway🚗 remains clear and remove any items  below your eaves incase any falling objects. Additionally, kindly secure any loose hanging object inside your home on walls as the crew will be moving around your roof which will cause vibrations to travel through your home.

There maybe debris/nails around your home, the crew will perform a thorough clean-up around your home at end of day.

By taking these precautions, you can protect your loved ones and belongings throughout the construction period!