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My current tentative date does not work with my schedule, can I change the date?

Yes! It is usually better to tell us what doesn't work for you schedule.

When you receive your tentative date, it will be an "estimate" of when we can start the job. It is a place in line only. 

When you receive your tentative date, it is usually better to let us know what doesn't work for you. This way we can schedule around it, while giving us options to work around with the weather. 

Construction is highly weather dependent and the more flexible you are with dates the more efficiently we will be able to complete your project and be able to meet your needs. 

With the volatility of weather and construction schedules, it is important to keep in mind that the start date is an estimate only. 

About 1-2 weeks prior to starting your project, we will notify you of a more exact date.