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Waikele Community Association Sub-Association

There are a number of Sub-Associations in Waikele. Are you a part of one?

There are a number of sub-associations present. Each association comes with their own design guidelines and rules. It is important that before we start, we have an approved association AND sub-association approval if required. 

If there is no sub-association required for the scope of work, we require an email or letter stating that you have confirmed that no further approvals are necessary. 

Note - We cannot be held liable for any disagreements or discrepancies between you, your association and/or the sub-association. 

If you are unsure if your property is within a sub-association or if a design application is required, we recommend confirming this with the Waikele Community Association


Celebrations -  info@wca-ohana.org,  808-676-1991

For More Information about Design Approval in Celebrations: Check out their website Here

Champions -  info@wca-ohana.org, 808-676-1991

Classics -  info@wca-ohana.org,  808-676-1991

Fairway Village - Cherry Lazaro, 808-593-6857

Golf Club Estates -  info@wca-ohana.org,  808-676-1991

Greens - Kim Akana, 808-593-6354

Highlands View Estates -  info@wca-ohana.org,  808-676-1991

Highlands - Kim Hieda, 808-203-5219

Ho'okumu - Fid Limani, 808-539-9720

Ho'omaka Village - David Simpson, 808-539-9755

Ho'omalu - Kim Akana, 808-593-6354

Mahi Ko - Kim Akana, 808-593-6354

Parkglen - Brent Kitsku, 808-539-97140

Parkview - RJ Cagaoan, 808-593-6815

Royal Pines - info@wca-ohana.org,  808-676-1991

Signatures - info@wca-ohana.org,  808-676-1991

Sunset Point I -  info@wca-ohana.org, 808-676-1991

Sunset Pointe II -  info@wca-ohana.org,  808-676-1991

Tropics - Jennifer Richardson, 808-792-3040