What does it mean when something is excluded from my proposal?

Inclusions and Exclusions are important components of a construction contract. Items that are excluded, can be included upon request.

When writing up a scope of work for your home, our estimations team will make the best recommendations based on the information provided by our inspection team. 

Sometimes this means excluding items such as the replacement of skylights or solar fans. 

If for any reason you feel that you'd like to replace these excluded items at the time of your roof replacement, a request can be made to your CSM and the revision can be made. 

If our estimate calls for replacement of an item such as a skylight, it is usually because there were problems found with them and our recommendation would be for replacement, or the new roofing system you will be receiving does not allow for the existing to remain. 

Another scenario where an item like a skylight maybe included in your proposal, if if you ask for it. Our main goal for your project is that it looks, feels and performs the way you want it to! 

When a question comes up on the inclusions or exclusions on your proposal, the best person to ask would be your CSM! 

They are there to help clarify anything related to your project and to make sure you have a successful customer experience.