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What may delay my project?

A roofing project is highly dependent on the weather, and once a roof is opened our full attention must be given to that project before moving to the next.

Rain Outs

Roofing "rain outs" occur anytime it rains, or there is a high chance of rain occurring. This means that work stops for the day and the project is postponed until sunnier weather allows for safe working conditions. 

Your tentative date is a place in line on the production calendar, and is an "estimate" of when we can start the project. 

Like a surf contest, where perfect conditions are required, we can never tell what mother nature will bring! We have to be flexible and ready to go when the weather gives us an opportunity. 

Unforeseen Conditions:

We give each customer the attention required before moving onto the next project. Sometimes when tearing off a roof, unforeseen conditions such as extensive wood rot is found. This means that our carpenters need to come in and perform wood repairs to leave the home in a state that can accept the new roof. 

When things like this occur, a delay in the schedule will push everything back. 

Our promise to you and all of our customers, is that when your project commences, you will get the attention from our team needed to take care of it 100%. 

How Can I Plan? 

Every day that we experience a "rain out" or "unforeseen conditions", means that everyone in line gets pushed back.

We try to leave space in our schedule to account for this when we enter the rainier times of the year, but it can still cause delays. 

We like to set the expectation with our customers to expect delay. The tentative date is a "place in line", not a date set in stone! 

Think of it like this...

When you are waiting in line at the drive through, you know that you are third in line. The person in front of you could be 5 minutes... or 10... but you know there are only two others in front of you. 

Maintaining flexibility and understanding gives us the best shot at getting your project done in a timely manner. 


Sometimes we have openings in the schedule, where we finish a project earlier than expected or have a crew help another crew finish up their job early for the day...

This sometimes leaves an open date in the schedule that the person ahead of you may not want to take advantage of. 

It means that if you are flexible in scheduling, we can go ahead and give you this date while keeping the other people's planned dates. 

If you are in a rush to get your project completed, this can work out in your favor!