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What work does Kapili sub-contract?

We self perform 100% of our roofing and painting.

Kapili Solar Roofing & Painting, started off as Kapili Construction, LLC. 

We are general contractors, but have specialty licenses and work primarily on roofing, painting, waterproofing and roof-integrated solar systems. 

We self perform 100% of our roofing and painting work, and take pride in a culture of craftsmanship.

There are times where we need to bring in our subcontracting team, but they are each leading experts in their field.

We thoroughly vet our contracting team and have spent decades with the same group of sheetmetal, carpentry, gutter, electrical, and plumbing subs. 

We entrust our contracting team to work on our own family's homes. 

When building a home, it takes many... a home builder will have a dozen subcontractors, each who specialize in the work that they do. 

Depending on what your project entails, sometimes our sub team may need to step in to do what they do best! 

Our team of subcontractors stand ready to serve you. They hold the same standards and values that we hold ourselves to, and are extensions of the Kapili Family.