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When Do I need a COI for My HECO PV Application?

Requirements for HECO Application Needing a COI

To install a system with a rating between 10kW - 30kW, it is necessary to have Commercial General Liability(or equivalent) Coverage. To proceed with the HECO Application, it is necessary to acquire a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from your Insurance Provider. This certificate is required for the property where you plan to install the PV system when submitting your application.

We advise consulting your CSM to verify if your system falls within the 10kW range. It's important to note that the majority of residential systems do not meet the 10kW rating..

If you require a Certificate of Insurance (COI), please refer to pages 24-25 of the document provided by HECO and consult your insurance provider accordingly.

for Document Click Here ⇒ HECO Rule 24