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Will the Crew Need Parking?

Will the crew require parking at my residence? Do I need to clear my driveway? Here Are Somethings to Keep in Mind to Prepare for the Crew’s Arrival

On the scheduled start day, between 7:00am🕖 - 9:00am🕘, our crew will arrive with at least one Kapili Vehicle🚚. Depending on the scope of work, we may also need a dump truck for the disposal of old roofing materials and debris. Please consider the size of the dump truck when planning for available space.

To ensure efficiency, we kindly ask for your assistance in reserving parking as close to your residence as possible. Your cooperation will greatly contribute to a smooth and successful project✅.

➡️Clearing Your Driveway:

In addition to provide room for our crew’s vehicles, make sure to remove any items, especially vehicles, that could potentially be damaged from falling debris, roof coating, paint, and so on.


Please note that the accessibility of your property could affect the duration and cost of the project.