What Should I Expect When Booking My Estimate?

Our process was designed with YOU in mind. To ensure we can provide you with the most detailed and accurate solution for your home, please follow along below!



When it comes to Roofing, Painting, Gutters or Solar, we have what you are looking for! 

We offer nearly every type of solution you could be looking for on your home. 

Our process is simple, and designed with education in mind. 

We believe that you should be empowered to make the right decision for your home. 

If there's anything that you are unsure of, you have a dedicated CSM to help. 

The Journey to Receiving Your FREE estimate, looks something like this! 

Kapili solar roofing and painting - 5 steps process - final-1

Step 1 - Booking Your Inspection

You may have already spoken with your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). 

Your CSM is with you every step of the way from initial inspection to project finish.  

It's important that you relay your project goals and expectations to them, so that they can help provide you with what you are looking for.

If you're not sure... your CSM can help you figure that out! 😁

Your CSM will work out with you what dates and times you might be available to meet with one of our Field Techs (FT). 

The day of your inspection, your FT will notify you via mobile SMS when he's on his way. 

From there, he will perform a systematized inspection which documents that various data points required to figure out what sort of available options there are for your home. 


Your Field Tech is trained to follow a very specific process of site condition documentation.

It is usually best to save your questions for before or after the inspection! 

Step 2 - Project Scoping

Once your site inspection has been completed, all of the data collected at your home will be uploaded to our system. 

Your CSM will review the data, and make contact with you to clarify the scopes of work that you are looking for.

If there is anything that might be unclear, this would be the time to clarify it! 

You can ask your CSM questions, and they can help you understand pros, cons and what sort of options you have. 

From there, your CSM will submit everything to our estimations team. 

Step 3 - Create your Customized Proposal

Our estimations team are highly trained cost estimators. They utilize our estimations software to provide you with a custom-built proposal with on average the best 2 to 3 options for your home! 

When your proposal has bene completed, they will turn over the file to your CSM. 


There are times where special order, or back ordered materials may cause delay. This is outside of our control, as these must be obtained by our distribution partners. 

We will always do our very best to expedite your proposal! 

Step 4 - Reviewing Your Proposal 

When your CSM has had the chance to read through and verify your proposal, they will reach out to submit this to you and help you digest all of the information. 

Our proposals are very detailed, and come along with a full photo-feed of information for you to take a look at. 

It's your CSMs job to make sure that you understand what it is that you're looking at! 

If there's anything unclear, this is why they are there to help answer all of your questions. 

After reviewing the proposal with you, there may be some changes to the scope of work or additional options that you'd like to take a look at.

This can be requested at anytime, just let your CSM know and they will submit a ticket for estimations to get these revisions made! 

Step 5 - Approve Your Quote! 

Once we've helped you decide on exactly what you want... the next question people usually have is

How Do I Approve my Quote?

By clicking the above link... there's a step by step guide on how you can get this done. 👍