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Why Do Supply Chain Issues Affect My Project?

Aside from the normal challenges on living on an island where we rely on imports, the global supply chain issues have caused inconsistency and volatility in pricing and availability of job materials.

Here is a curated article from our distribution partners at SRS Distribution Inc: 


1. Manufacturing industry suffered a major set back at the beginning of the pandemic, losing roughly 1.4 million jobs and since then the industry has struggled to fill vacant jobs.READ MORE

2. Inflation directly affected by supply chain disruption and surging demand of construction goods. (US inflation rate has exceeded 40-year high)READ MORE

3. Trucking companies raising driver compensation by 33% to stay competitive in the driver shortage environment.READ MORE

4. Transportation and freight cost rising due to the oversaturated ports, driver shortage and fuel prices. It is estimated that 72% of America’s freight moves by truck and the country is experiencing a shortage of more than 80,000 drivers.READ MORE

5. COVID-19 Pandemic led to worldwide shutdowns, that slowed down manufacturing and imports. (70% of building materials in the US are imported from China, Canada and Mexico)READ MORE

Aside from the ongoing issues, there are unique challenges in living on an island where nearly everything must be imported! 

We have a full, in depth article about "Long Lead Items" here