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How long will my PV panels / Solar Hot Water Heater be removed during my roofing project?

Our goal is to try and maintain a 1-2 week gap before and 1-2 week gap after your project. During times of rain, our schedules do become more congested and delays could be experienced.

Our production manager does their best to coordinate with our solar handle to get the PV panels and solar hot water heaters removed shortly before the roofing project start date, and schedule shortly after we finish.

Typically this ranged 1-2 weeks before and after your project. 

Coordinating put backs and take offs in conjunction with roofing projects, both of which are highly weather dependent, can be like hitting a moving target. 

When rain or unforeseen conditions occur on your project, a slightly longer delay may occur. 

Please keep in mind anything which is scheduled is never set in stone and is subject to change, especially while we work with our solar partners.

We must then work around each other's schedules.

We always try to keep scheduling tight so you don't lose out on available sunlight. 

However, safety and quality are our number one concerns when performing your project.

A few days, or weeks, of delay in the grand scheme of the decades your roof and solar will be serving you is well worth the wait.