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What is solar monitoring, and why does Kapili need it?

Solar monitoring is an IOT (Internet of Things) solution that allows you to instantly see current and historical levels of energy production!

Most new solar installations come with a solar monitoring system.

All of our new installs come with a monitoring system that allows both you and the team here at Kapili to keep an eye on the production of your PV system. 

Whenever we take off a system in preparation for a roofing job, we will request access from you so that we can confirm any potential pre-existing conditions of your solar system and help you get them addressed at the time of removal and reinstallation. 

After the big PV boom here in Hawaii about ten years ago, there were many solar companies that went out of business... several hundred to be exact! 

Often times systems the systems that were installed at this time were not maintained, and there are a host of faulty components out there on roofs from this time. 

We want to make sure that once we put your system back, it is good to go for many years to come. This means that we require access to your monitoring system ahead of us removing your system. 

Our solar project coordinator will reach out to request access, and it is a fairly simple process. 

From there, if there is anything wrong we will reach out and let you know. Otherwise, we are clear to remove and reinstall the system! 

For any specific questions, please reach out to customerservice@kapiliconstruction.com.