Why Choose Kapili Solar Roofing & Painting for my Solar Project?

We are a locally owned full-service Roofing, Painting and Solar Provider. With roofing as our primary service, we ensure that we are here for you for years to come.

Over the years there have been booms and busts in the P.V. Industry.  Many companies sprung up during the last P.V. boom around 2012-2014. 

As the market changed, several hundred companies here in Hawaii went out of business! 

There were many homeowners left without a warranty, or a solar provider. This is because the company they worked with is no longer in business. 

We see way too often, homeowners who do not have a solar provider and have not properly maintained their system over time. 

This is the reason that we are a great choice for homeowners. We have been in business since 2007, and have grown year over year very steadily. 

As a roofing company first, our core service is part of a stable blue chip industry. Our team is committed to being here for you in the long run. 

We are experts in waterproofing your home, which means that there are lessened risks of your future solar system causing problems with leaks on your home. 

We are here for you not only for your roofing and solar project, but are here to help maintain your system and roof over the years. We have a full-service maintenance and exterior cleaning department that provides roof soft washing, panel cleaning and maintenance services.